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The impact of the door-to-door folder is often overlooked.
Our experience has taught us that customers organizing a campaign are extremely satisfied with the results of this "low threshold" communication.
Here at Moderna Printing we offer you a wide variety of folders, from a simple leaflet to a multipage product.
Also… it doesn’t always have to be an huge print run, we can help you with any quantity.


Brochures and deluxe editions don't always need to be produced by a sheetfed press.
The concept of our printing office is built around the idea to offer print runs starting from 10.000 pieces in an optimal combination of sheetfed and heatset. This in conjunction of the in-house finishing of covers, the hotmelt and mail ready finishing we deliver beautiful editions for a very interesting budget.


As a publisher you're not only looking for a superior quality of your products. You also want it to have a short lead time, so your newest edition is guaranteed to be ready for sale at a low budget.
We offer you a quick production process thanks to our "everything under one roof" concept.
We produce fast and punctual because here at Moderna Printing we have two of every finishing machine


The function of a complete catalogue has been under alot of change lately.
Where a catalogue would always be a bulky book, now it's all about small editions that add to your image.
However… a printed catalogue is still, and always will be, indispensable to a business strategy.
Looking for an eye catcher? Ask our advice for your next edition.

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